A short film about the benefits of moon travel for those on earth.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Gorski Blog Starts Here

We choose to go to the moon! This blog will chronicle the progress of making Good Luck, Mr. Gorski. To read the script, get information on the team, and/or join the launch crew, go to goodluckmrgorski.com.

I wrote this script 12 years ago, and waited 12 years for a miracle to get it financed. No luck. So we're making our own miracle: asking everyone who likes our project to contribute $20. Think of it as the cost of a lunch. You'll get a free download of the film, and your name (in tiny type and warp speed, because there are so many) in the credits. The budget is approx. $37,000. As I write this, we're nearly at $12,000, with nearly 240 members of the launch crew, all listed at goodluckmrgorski.com, along with a conveniently located Paypal button.

Thanks for joining us!

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  1. Go Allegra. I just know this is going to happen with your drive and will power behind it all!