A short film about the benefits of moon travel for those on earth.

Launch Crew Bios

I've featured a launch crew contributor on Facebook almost every day.

#192: the lovely, beautiful, talented, amazing Rosie Johnston: opera director, addictions counselor (you don't see that combo very often), mum to rock star George Gardner. Director of Jesus Christ Superstar, the greatest stage production Taos ever saw, and most recently The Lovely Ladies, a new opera that premiered at Christie's, London, in May, to great acclaim.

#303: Kevin Cannon: extraordinary sculptor. Born in New York, Kevin has lived in Taos since the 1980s. He works in leather, making incredible abstract forms finished with intricate layers of color. He has shown in Taos, Santa Fe, New York, Chicago, Santa Barbara, Fort Worth.... His work is in the Harwood Museum, the Albuquerque Museum, the American Crafts Museum in NY, the Speed Museum in Louisville, Brooklyn Museum, Cincinnati Museum, and Lannan Foundation in Santa Fe. In 1986 he was awarded a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. kevincannon.com

#301: Toby Rafelson: production designer of The Border, Melvin & Howard, Goin' South, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, Stay Hungry, and The King of Marvin Gardens. And a dear, loyal friend of over 30 years.

#34: Annapurna Alisa Sydell: artist, writer, grant-writer for many NGOs, teacher, therapist, producer, and social activist with a doctorate in Counseling Psychology. She worked as a bereavement counselor in an AIDS hospice for 10 years. As an artist, Annapurna creates extraordinary collages inspired by the collective cognitive dissonance created by the lie of the American Dream, as well as by the permeable boundaries between the sacred and profane.

#300: Sonya Hinton Costanza: brilliant yoga teacher. Sonya has studied with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga yoga, twice in India and on three week-long workshops in the US. On her trips to Mysore, she also studied Sanskrit and yoga philosophy. She has studied anatomy and physiology extensively, in both yogic and university contexts, focusing on back care and scoliosis. She is also knowledgeable in Ayurveda and apprenticed for a year with master herbalist Lucy McCall. sonyaluz.com.

#148: Leo and Eileen Halliday: proprietors of The Connemara Hamper, in Clifden, on the very very edge of the west coast of Ireland. Wonderful deli selling knockout sandwiches, pies, delicious local honey in the comb, and all kinds of good stuff fresh and in boxes and jars.

#143: Pattie Traynor: photographer. From the start Pattie has used only black-and-white film. She photographs faces, hands, children - free of sentimentality - and is drawn to religious rituals, crosses, and sacred spaces. There's a wonderful depth of feeling in her work. She has exhibited in California and Taos, and won First Place Photography at the Taos Open, 2006, and First Place Miniature Award, Taos Fall Arts Invitational, 2007.

#33: Dan Guevara: my brother-in-law in fact if not actually in law. A hydrologist for the state of New Mexico and previously for the Navajo Nation, guitarist in the bar band Netty and the Noisemakers, ultimate frisbee maestro, and father of the adorable Mateo Guevara, heading toward his second birthday.

#83: Kate Thompson: "Ireland's Joanna Lumley." Actress (Best Actress, Dublin Theatre Festival, 1989, and seducer of Gabriel Byrne over a six-week TV series), voiceover artist, writer of many bestselling romantic novels, the latest of which is The O'Hara Affair (Avon HarperCollins). She's currently starring in RTE's long-running soap opera Fair City. kate-thompson.com.

#188: Robert Jacobs: Deputy Managing Partner of the law firm Wormser, Kiely, Galef & Jacobs, in New York. An alumnus of Fordham University and City College of the City University of New York, he specializes in tax law, trusts, and asset protection.

#313: Kathleen Botsford: jewelry designer. Kathy makes incredibly beautiful, traffic-stopping necklaces using semi-precious stones, precious stones, artifacts, and antiques from places as far afield as Africa and Tibet, basing her work on the ancient healing power of stones and metals and an intuitive sense of their energy. You have to go to Chicago to buy her pieces, at stores including Jolie Femme, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Marshall Field.

#100: Douglas Blackmon. Pulitzer Prize-winning author of SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME, a horrifying, brilliantly researched and written history of the virtual enslavement of African Americans in the South after the Civil War was over. Born in Mississippi, Doug is Atlanta bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ's Katrina coverage won a National Headliner Award in 2006, and his article on US Steel was included in the 2003 edition of Best Business Stories. slaverybyanothername.com

#63: Jill Angelo. Executive director of Andrew Harvey's Institute for Sacred Activism, and demon Creative Resourcer - Jill is singlehandedly responsible for setting up the workshops, readings, TV, radio... everything I'm doing in Chicago. She's doing her best to make it my kind of town. And succeeding. jillangelo.com

#299: Michelle Gonzales. My son Rafa's teacher. She teaches first grade at Arroyos del Norte Elementary in Taos. She has two sons and is a mad supporter of Taos High football. She's young and beautiful and a terrific teacher. At her request, Cisco made a giant alligator that the entire class could fit inside, for Dr Seuss Day. Every morning the kids greet her with "Buenos dias, Maestra Gonzales."

#96: Walter Parks: fantastic musician. Currently guitarist for Richie Havens, he was previously half of the Nudes, with cellist Stephanie Winters. He also plays with his own group, Swamp Cabbage – a trio that pays homage to his southern backwater boogaloo roots. He has just finished a terrific first solo CD, "Still Life and the Troubadour." walterparks.com

#133: Warner McGee. Brilliant illustrator, who created our St Patrick's Day Irish rocket image. He works mostly on licensed children's books, but he does 3D as well. Savannah College of Art & Design trained him well! His clients include Nickelodeon, Disney, Sesame Workshop, Fisher Price, Big Idea, Crayola, and Coke. And us. warnermcgee.com

#254: Paul Devlin: 5-time Emmy winner for the Olympics and Tour de France. He made the award-winning film SlamNation, which helped popularize slam poetry. Power Trip screened in 60 countries, theatrically across the United States and on PBS's Independent Lens, was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and has won 10 festival awards including top prizes at Berlin, Hot Docs in Toronto, and Florida. His current projects, BLAST! has BBC and Discovery Channel on board: check it out at blastthemovie.com.

#205: Jeanne Veillette Bowerman. My Twitterqueen (see yesterday's booster) @jeannevb. A screenwriter, she's currently adapting Douglas Blackmon's Pulitzer Prize-winning history, Slavery By Another Name. She has an article coming soon in Writer’s Digest Magazine about her own wild Twitter Pimp Angel ride. Together with Rachel Langer, she started a blog dedicated to social media and writers, SMwriters.com.

#221: Mandy Marahimin: a filmmaker in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mandy heard about Good Luck Mr Gorski on twitter, via #scriptchat, checked it out, liked it, and hit the Paypal button! Thank you Jeanne Veillette Bowerman (booster #205 - watch this space), my twitterqueen, for spreading the word, and Mandy, for believing in us.

#271: Dan Tana. The original (the tv series Vega$ just borrowed his name). Player for and later chairman of Red Star Belgrade soccer team (and also chairman of Brentford FC in west London); film producer; restaurateur. The legendary Dan Tana's is still the greatest place to eat in LA.

#270: Neal Thielke, DBA Gopher Patrol. Subversive vermin specialist. Moles, gophers, prairie dogs - you got 'em, he gets rid of 'em. The prairie dogs that honeycombed my field were GONE. And he has a fine mustache.

#252: Michelle Mackintosh: owner of Michelle's, my favorite place in Taos to buy great clothes - especially Karina and 3Free dresses, also Cobian sandals, hip t-shirts, earrings, bags, scents, all kinds of great stuff. In the little tower opposite the Taos Inn.

#257-263: the Anjelicaholics: Jessica, Samantha, Sue, Hasret, Haley, Carla, Madeline - from Poland, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, and New York state. Thank you, girls, and thank you, Sharon Jacobucci, their - what? - president? den mother? queen?

#88: Kathleen Barich. Artist, writer, actor, dancer. Kathleen was born in Burundi, a country which still holds a central place in her heart. When she came to an Imaginative Storm workshop, she did an abstract drawing of Burundi which was so beautiful I asked if she would give it to me. Which she did. www.lovebirdcreations.com.

#228: Susan Loomis: "as natural a writer as she is a chef”--Adam Gopnik. Author of nine books and owner of an exclusive cooking school, On Rue Tatin, in Normandy. Her latest book, Nuts in the Kitchen, is published April 27; her website www.onruetatin.com will take you into her French country world. onruetatin.com

#248: John Nichols: Taos's writer laureate, author of The Milagro Beanfield War. The Magic Journey and The Nirvana Blues make up his New Mexico trilogy. Others novels: The Sterile Cuckoo and The Wizard of Loneliness. Nonfiction: If Mountains Die, The Last Beautiful Days of Autumn, and On The Mesa. One of the most brilliantly funny men you'll ever meet.

#237: Andrea Tana: Painter, etcher, printer, portraitist. Exhibitions include Galerie Maeght and Atelier Lacouriere Frelaut, Paris; Cadogan Gallery, London; William Hardie, Glasgow; and Heritage Gallery, LA. For the Editions Maeght series Duo she created a book of lithographs illustrating Derek Walcott's poem "Love After Love." She has done series of paintings inspired by trips to Peru and India, and gorgeous interiors of her house in London. She now divides her time between Paris and Umbria. andreatana.com.

#176: Adrian Pagan: stage and screen writer whose first play The Backroom - an outstandingly funny and beautiful love story set in a gay brothel in Earl's Court - won him the Verity Bargate Award and played to packed houses at the Bush, where it was reviewed as "disgracefully funny", "flash and funny" and as having "much winning tenderness" and "flawless comic shine".  All apply equally to the man, who died ridiculously prematurely at 39 in 2007.  He's been signed up by a loving friend who is using a share of his legacy for "good/fun/mischief," and says that Good Luck Mr Gorski pushes all the buttons.

#222: Philip Nolan: previously Kate O'Toole's editor at the Irish Mail. Journalist, broadcaster, travel writer, author of Irish No. 1 nonfiction bestseller Ryanland: A No-Frills Odyssey Across the New Europe, charting his travels to 21 countries on the low-fares carrier Ryanair in the space of eight months.  According to Kate: "enjoys the 5-star life to the full. Wickedly funny man."

#28: Adrian Devane: film producer. Former production assistant, assistant director, production manager, line producer, music promoter, bar manager, fast food frontline staff member, wine vendor, funpark attendant, cameraman, film fleadh helper, drummer, shopkeeper, football and hurling player from the West of Ireland. Member of the Galway film centre and committee member of Screenwest.ie. Currently shooting a short film, "The Parting," in Leenaun, Co. Galway (the place where beauty queens come from).

#220: Karen McCurtain-Blair: Karen landed in Taos in the 1980s after living in Latin America and the Caribbean for 12 years. She paints what is framed in an open door, the view outside her window, a walk along the acequia or down her dirt road. A member of Taos Artisans Gallery, she is also an interior designer and the person you need to stage your house if you're putting it on the market.karenmccurtainblair.com.

#219: Gina Medcalf: my godmother, and an extraordinary abstract painter. Previously an expert on photography for Sotheby's and a teacher at Chelsea College of Art & Design, her exhibitions in the UK include Serpentine Painting, 1973; Abstract Painting and Sculpture at Stockwell Depot, 1986; John Moore’s 16, 1989; Smith Jariwala Gallery, 1990, 1991; Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, 1994; Chelsea College of Art and Design Gallery, 1999, British Abstract Painting, Flowers East, 2001, and Unground at London Futurespace, 2009. In 2008 she received a Pollock-Krasner Foundation award.

#134: Rob Nightingale: owner of Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, Taos's top gallery. Representing over 35 Taos artists, from traditional landscapes in oils and pastels (Ray Vinella), to fine photography (Pattie Traynor), to abstract and contemporary work in mixed media (Chipper Thompson). But a print by leading Taos artists Margaret Nes or Rory Wagner (winner of the Governors Award for Excellence in the Arts), mention Gorski, and Rob contributes 30% to the launch fund! Wilder Nightingale Fine Art

#148: Emily Ruffin: A jeweler in fine gems and noble metals, Emily's awards include the 1991 AGTA Spectrum Award and the 1995 NMJA Enchantment Award. Her beautiful gallery, a fixture in Taos for twenty years at the bent end of Bent Street, also carries one-of-a-kind jewelry by other artists. emilyruffin.com.

#128: Allegra Sleep: born in Nicaragua, she was in her first group show at the American Embassy in Managua at age two. Still a painter, she is also a jeweler, working with primarily organic materials. Her jewelry design is inspired by Wilma's "rocks" on The Flintstones, Frida Kahlo's jewelry collection, her own travels in Latin America, and her love affair with the past: she weaves these elements into deceptively understated one-of-a-kind chokers, necklaces, multi-strands, and earrings. taosartisansgallery.com.

#149: Candyce Garrett. Sculptor in granite, both abstract and figurative - amazingly beautiful work, small and large scale. The San Antonio Spurs have one of her pieces, so does Martina Navratilova. She has exhibited at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Tillie Gallery in Marfa, Lumina Gallery in Taos, FR2 in Aspen.candycegarrett.com

#212: Katerina Tana. An artists of interiors, gardens, furniture, and fabrics. (Check out the photos from my LA launch: that's Katerina's gorgeous garden.) Her work has been featured in Western Interiors and Design (no more alas). This month's House Beautiful (p. 111) features a fabric from her new collection Loom, which is stunningly beautiful and carried by top design showrooms around the country. katerinatanadesign.com.

#179: Frank Bettencourt: An artist for 45 years, he was also artist/designer at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, he created a 50-foot Dinosaur mural and a 90-foot Space mural. To celebrate the silver anniversary of Apollo 11, Frank designed and built an exhibit at Space Center Houston showcasing the work of over 70 international artists. With NASA's cooperation, he made a 1/100 scale replica of the International Space Station for the city of Tokyo. Before that, he was exhibit designer at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art; and before that, he designed classic concert posters for Cream, Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull. frankbettencourt.com.

#111: Peter Rodulfo: has been exhibiting his imaginative and colourful paintings and sculptures, in many countries , almost constantly, since 1978, with work in many private and public collections. He lives in Norwich, England, and joined the Gorski launch crew by invitation of the fabulous jeweler Slim Barrett. rodulfo.deviantart.com.

Artist week begins with #184: Ken Price: from the New Yorker last month: "Quietly, over half a century, Price has become the most captivating sculptor in the world. His new, sublimely animate blobs ... split impossible aesthetic differences between painting and modelling, Surrealism and minimalism. They evoke Brancusi-like ideality and exercise Calder-like charm while remaining forthrightly objective ... dizzyingly sensual, closeup temptations to touch. Seen from farther away, they organize the world like Wallace Stevens’s jar in Tennessee." See also New York Times: Josef Albers and Ken Price - Bauhaus Meets Venice Beach.

#89: Seamus Cassidy: One of the comic geniuses behind the brilliant TV show "Father Ted". One of the comic geniuses behind the satirical Irish puppets Podge and Rodge. And producer of The Panel, a topical comedy show on RTE. Among other things....

St Patrick's Day Booster: #33: Will Collins, soon to be Cork's most famous son. He came to our Imaginative Storm workshop in Connemara on scholarship from NUI Galway, got an idea for a feature, won the pitching prize at the Galway Film Fleadh with it, it's made now and in the Tribeca Festival next month--it's called My Brothers. If you're in NYC, go and cheer him on; he's the greatest. Next project: an animated feature with the people who made the Oscar-nominated The Secret of Kells.

#80: Sharon Jacobucci. The most glamorous meter maid you'll ever meet. She covers my sister Anjelica's neighborhood in Venice, CA. She's currently filming a non-real reality show about her job for TruTV, called All Worked Up, in which she is a meter maid whose name isn't Sharon Jacobucci, giving not-real tickets to not-real miscreants (the City of LA wouldn't agree to a real reality show). Part of the fun of the show will be Spot-The-Miscreant; her friends are all lining up to take part!

#197: Chris Browning: A regular on As The World Turns, before he became a whitewater raft guide for Los Rios. But after a season the cameras called him back - to Into the West, 3:10 to Yuma, In the Valley of Elah, The Book of Eli, Terminator: Salvation, and Wake - just premiered. Thanks to the New Mexico state film initiatives, he can live in Taos and work, too.

#177: George Morrison. "D.W. Griffith, Cecil B. De Mille and Michael Moore all rolled into one"--Jim Sheridan. George made the feature documentary Mise Eire (My Ireland) in 1959, using only archival materials (long before Ken Burns came along). Mise Eire holds iconic status in Ireland to this day, and was described by President Mary McAleese as being 'one of Ireland's most important national treasures'. The film covers 1896-1918, a period of tremendous social & political upheaval during the founding of the Irish state. It took long years of research, and identification, salvage and restoration of fragile artifacts; without George's work, the record of this vital period in Irish history would have vanished forever. He followed Mise Eire with Saoirse? (Freedom?), about the Irish civil war. He is an Honouree Member of the European Film Academy and the recipient of a Lifetime Industry Contribution award from the Irish Film & Television Academy (whose Feature Documentary award is named for him). His latest film, Dublin Day, a joyful celebration of Joycean Dublin, was released in 2007. He likes a drop of rum & delights in continuing to inspire his friends, students and all those who see his films.

#193: Carol Kane. Winner of two Emmys as Silka, Latka Gravas (Andy Kaufman)'s wife in Taxi, and Oscar-nominated for Hester Street. She played Madame Morrible in Wicked on Broadway, and in LA (with Adam Lambert!) and San Francisco. Currently appearing in Nora Ephron's play Love, Loss, and What I Wore in NYC, and directing Belfast Blues, every Monday for the next 6 weeks at the Culture Project on Bleecker St. "Whitey" to her friends....

#38 & 142: Michael and Kathy Fitzgerald. Producers of good movies, including two of my dad's most interesting films: Under the Volcano and Wise Blood; also The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, The Pledge, Color Me Kubrick, In the Electric Mist, Mister Johnson, and The Penitent.

#74: Danny Huston. My golden brother. The hardest-working actor in Hollywood, all of a sudden.... Soon to be seen as Richard the Lionheart in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. Ivan's XTC was the film that made him as an actor; he's the evil colonel in X-Men: Wolverine; the dodgy consul in The Constant Gardener; he lived in Battersea Power Station in Children of Men; also see him in Edge of Darkness, Clash of the Titans, John Adams, 30 Days of Night, The Kreutzer Sonata, The Aviator, Silver City, Birth, 21 Grams....

#186: Blake Bashoff: who played the lead in Spring Awakening on Broadway, and on tour! (The Urban Dictionary says "Allegra" is a fan of Spring Awakening.) He also had recurring roles on Judging Amy and Lost, recently guest-starred on Grey's Anatomy (and has guest-starred on many other shows including Law & Order, NCIS, Charmed, Boston Public, One Tree Hill, and Numb3rs). His films include Bushwhacked and Minority Report.

#104 and #161-4: The crew of the Galway Film Fleadh, Ireland’s top film festival, a mad diversity of filmmaking from around the world, now in its 21st year. Six days in July of terrific movies, brilliant people (from Galway and around the world), and great craic. Contributors: Miriam Allen (director), Felim MacDermott, Annette Maye, Debbie McVey, Cathy O'Connor. galwayfilmfleadh.com.

#153: Meg Harris: received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and has been teaching undergraduate writing, literature, and critical thinking since 2004. Her stories and poems have appeared in "Whiskey Island Magazine," "The Café Review," "Upstreet I," and others. Read her blog at Blue Moon Northeast.

#160: Rhonda Talbot. Author of the terrific novel A Halfway Decent Girl, a comic story in the anthology What Was I Thinking (just published, edited by Liz Dubelman), some really good unproduced screenplays (I join her in that boat), and the brilliantly caustic blog, The Devil's Trifecta.

#174: Salman Rushdie. KBE. Booker Prize-winning author of Midnight's Children, The Satanic Verses, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Shame, The Jaguar Smile, The Ground Beneath her Feet, and most recently The Enchantress of Florence. We're in impressive company, launch crew!

#152: Christopher Reich. New York Times bestselling author of espionage thrillers for the 21st century, including Rules of Vengeance and Rules of Deception (he's in his Rules series now), and The Patriot's Club, The Runner, Numbered Account, The First Billion, and The Devil's Banker. christopherreich.com.

#82: Sue William Silverman: author of two memoirs, "Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You," and "Love Sick: One Woman's Journey through Sexual Addiction," which was made into a Lifetime TV movie. She teaches writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts and her newest book is "Fearless Confessions: A Writer's Guide to Memoir," which is to encourage others to write their stories. suewilliamsilverman.com.

#122: Barbara Leaming: Author of two New York Times bestselling biographies and three New York Times Notable Books of the Year, including most recently Jack Kennedy: The Education of a Statesman, which focused on the extraordinary influence of Winston Churchill on Kennedy’s intellectual formation and political strategies. I am about to finish editing her next book, Churchill Defiant, (coming this autumn) and it's incredible: King Lear crossed with Moby-Dick. And all true. Churchill Defiant

#138: John Patrick Shanley. Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Moonstruck, and 9 other screenplays; Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of Doubt, and 22 other plays. He directed the terrific screen version of Doubt, too. And hosted my launch party for Love Child in New York, even though he'd never met me in his life.

#108: Antony Beevor. Novelist, gardener, fisherman, captain of the Society of Authors' team on University Challenge, and mega-bestselling military historian: author of The Battle for Crete, The Spanish Civil War, Stalingrad, The Fall of Berlin, and D-Day. antonybeevor.com.

#121: Claudia Domito: She teaches second grade in Reno, NV (funny, I never think of there being second-graders in places like Reno!), but she left her heart in Carmel, CA. She is a voracious reader of fine books - and, I'm told, the last book she read was Love Child. She is the wonderful older sister of Mattress Mary, proprietrix of Sleep Sanctuary and Toto Home, the top home-furnishing shops in Taos.

#57 & 58: Sheba Phombeah and Robin Hayley. Sheba: architect, production designer, expert on mud-brick building, and daughter of a pan-African revolutionary hero. Robin, stop-smoking guru and Allen Carr's man in the UK: allencarr.com. Watch this space for details on Robin's forthcoming book.

#137: Celeste Huston. My wonderful stepmother, who rode a lion. See below. She rides horses too, and breeds Gypsy horses (super-long manes and tails, very romantic) in the Santa Ynez Valley. cielocelestefarm.com.

#101: Artemis Cooper. My sister! Author of the biography of Elizabeth David; co-author of Paris After the Liberation, editor of the letters between Duff and Diana Cooper (our grandparents), A Durable Fire, and of the letters between Evelyn Waugh and Diana, Mr Wu and Mrs Stitch. Also of Watching in the Dark, the story of my niece Nella's near-death at the age of six months. (She's now 19 and at the University of London.)

#119: Dorothy Cross. Artist of the natural world; in the permanent collections of Irish Museum of Modern Art, Tate Modern, Goldman Sachs, Norton Collection, Art Pace Foundation. She represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale, 1993. In 2008 she designed the sets for the English National Opera's Riders to the Sea. Commissioned by the Irish government to commemorate the millennium, she created Ghost Ship, an ethereally luminous lightship which haunted Dublin Bay. In her spare time she goes scuba diving in Antartica and shark-calling in New Ireland, New Guinea. Next exhibition: the Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Feb 19-Mar 20.

#112: Judy DeHaas. Multi-award-winning photographer, now at the Denver Post. Part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Dallas Morning News team for a series on human rights abuses against women, she was the first person to photograph a female genital mutilation ceremony. Her photos have been in all the best magazines, Peace Corps recruiting campaigns, and Peter Jennings's book In Search of America. She is an urban farmer and her son's name is Thelonious. judydehaas.com.

#78: Stefan Chmelik. Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, practising on Harley Street like all the grandest doctors in London, and founder of New Medicine Group, a team of integrated healthcare experts. Check out the New Medicine Group discussion page on FB for all kinds of really good alternative health care info.

Valentine's Day contributors, #9 & #42: Cisco Guevara and Rafa Guevara. Cisco: New Mexico's oldest and largest whitewater rafter, proprietor of NM's oldest, largest rafting company, Los Rios River Runners. Rafa, our 7-yr-old son: who contributed one-third of his Christmas money because he wants me to get my movie made. losriosriverrunners.com.

#43: John Julius Norwich. Author of definitive histories of Venice, Byzantium, the Mediterranean, and the Norman kingdom in Sicily, as well as Shakespeare's Kings and a bunch of other books - media personality, lecturer, and collector of literary gems (Christmas Crackers, published annually and collected each decade; the fourth volume soon to appear). His history of the Papacy will be published this spring. And, I'm very proud to say, one of my two fathers.

#113: Johnny Ferguson. Irish screenwriter of Gangster No. 1 (a cult classic), currently working on an adaptation of The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry, Winterwood by Pat MacCabe, a semi original romantic comedy called Give Me Your Hand for a mysterious American, and a plan to bring some aged jazz musicians to the Preservation Hall in New Orleans. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff.

#93: James Nave. That's an 'e' with an accent over it. Poet, performer, slammaster, creativity coach, and my partner in the Imaginative Storm Writing Workshops. Without him, LOVE CHILD might never have been written; certainly it wouldn't have been as good as it is. He is also a brilliant performance coach; all writers should work with Nave before they do public readings. And he arranged for me to read in front of 500 people at the Lake Eden Arts Festival, last May. Thank you, my dear friend! imaginativestorm.com.

#29: Marion O'Dwyer. Dublin-based actress on stage and screen - Ballykissangel, Agnes Browne, Color Me Kubrick - and now in rehearsal for Brian Friel's 'Philadelphia Here I Come!' at the Gaiety, then Bernard Farrell's new play 'Bookworms' at the Abbey, then a new BBC sitcom with Brendan O'Carroll called 'Mrs Brown's Boys'.

#97: Michelle McGee. Campaigner on behalf of those with Tourette's syndrome (her older son, Jacob, 12, has it and campaigns with her), founder of a Tourette's mothers' support group called Twitch & Bitch, writer of op-ed pieces for the Savannah News Press, as well as the brilliant blog Moxie Momma.

#87: Joan Juliet Buck. Writer, editor, cultural critic, actress: the bitch head of the Cordon Bleu cooking school in Julie and Julia, and appearing this weekend on stage in Irina Brook's production, La Vie Materielle, at the French Institute on 59th St in NYC, 7pm Friday March 5 and Saturday March 6. Go see it, it will be amazing.

#95: Katherine Oxnard. Director of the Savannah Book Festival, and the quickest person on the draw with a twenty so far. Do not challenge this woman to a gunfight. savannahbookfestival.org.

#49: Slim Barrett. Designer of extraordinary jewelry, taking him from Athenry, county Galway, and its famous train station, to the Victoria & Albert Museum, London... by way of Chanel, Ungaro, Versace, Lagerfeld, Galliano, and the Guinness Book of World Records. Plus, he designed the diamond coronet Victoria "Posh" Adams wore when she married David Beckham. slimbarrett.com.

#86: A. Roger Ekirch. Professor of History at Virginia Tech, former SDS radical, and author of the recently published BIRTHRIGHT: The True Story that Inspired Kidnapped - a fascinating tale of skullduggery, human trafficking and corruption among the 18th-century Anglo-Irish aristocracy.

#64: Andrew Harvey. Mystical scholar, Rumi translator and explicator, poet, novelist, spiritual teacher and writer, and architect of Sacred Activism. Author of tons of books (yet still amazingly young!) including A Journey in Ladakh and most recently The Hope: "a must-read for anyone seeking to birth a new humanity"--Deepak Chopra. andrewharvey.net.

#72: Brad Hockmeyer. Owner of KTAO, the world's greatest solar-powered radio station, at 101.9 FM in northern New Mexico and streaming live on the web at ktao.com.

#27: Francesca Marciano. Author of the terrific novels Rules of the Wild, Casa Rossa, and The End of Manners, screenwriter of I'm Not Scared, and now working on a script that I'm not sure I'm supposed to talk about, so I won't.

#13: Jill Robertson. BAFTA-nominated British director and former Bluebell girl. She's done battles at sea, she blew up a nightclub, she threw people off balconies and sent them abseiling down cliffs on broken ropes. The life of a BBC director! jillrobertson.com.

#53: Mary Kate O Flanagan: screenwriter, journalist, bon vivant, raconteur. She runs workshops out of the Oscailt Complementary Health Centre in Dublin 4, on learning to choose new thought patterns for more positive outcomes in life. healyourlifeworkshops.com

#70: Anjelica Huston. Actress, director, and best of all my sister. As of last Friday she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, joining our dad, John Huston, and our grandfather, Walter Huston. Hers is right opposite the Pantages - location location location! It was pouring, so the sober ceremoniousness got rained off and it was just plain fun.

#62: Amy Wallen. Author of the terrific comic novel Moon Pies and Movie Stars and dominatrix of Dime Stories: the open mike for flash fiction, three minutes of high-octane storytelling, founded in San Diego, now also diming monthly in Laguna Beach, New York City, and starting in Albuquerque Feb. 18. dimestories.org.

#14: Elaine Wilgus. Owner of Webster's Bookstore Cafe in State College, PA. Dora McQuaid, the poet, tells me Elaine is a tireless supporter of her author friends. I've never met Elaine, or even spoken to her. Not only did she contribute, she brought some of her friends in! Thanks to Elaine, the Gorskis have reached the third degree of separation. If you're buying online, go here first! webstersbookstorecafe.com.

#8: John Farr. My website designer, a delight to work with. See his work at allegrahuston.com and zoukfest.com. Not a bad guitarist either! farrfeed.com and on Twitter at taosjohn.

#11: Kate O'Toole. Award-winning stage and film actress in Ireland and the UK, four-star Irish TV chef and feared critic on The View, chairwoman of the board of the Galway Film Fleadh (Ireland's most fun filmfest), Lady Salisbury in The Tudors, and soon to be seen wafting around in a negligee in The Man on the Train.

#50: Gaia Santoro Lecchini. Nine-year-old tycoon in the making. Happy birthday, Gaia!

#52: Tish Valles. Of Manila, Bangkok, London, and New York City. Powerhouse branding consultant--strategicstiletto.com--and co-spinner of a web to improve the lives of women worldwide through microfinance, education and mentoring. womensworldwideweb.org.

#17: Viv Nesbitt. Creativity coach, voiceover artist, singer, actress (recently applauded for her performance as Kitty in The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer), and co-founder and co-presenter of Art of the Song, heard on over 200 radio stations in the US. artofthesong.org.

#4: Mary Domito. Owner of The Sleep Sanctuary in Taos, purveyor of Amish-made organic latex mattresses which, if you like firm beds, are the greatest! Best mattress I've ever had. sleepsanctuary.com (and there's a FB page too).

#45: Lenny Foster. Creator of some of the most beautiful, tender photographs I've ever seen (especially his photos of horses) - and the annual Healing Hands calendar. lennyfoster.com.

#3: Elizabeth Burns. A very smart blonde and intrepid traveller, leaving tomorrow for Addis Ababa to work in an orphanage for three months. Read her account of her journey through Central Asia at blondistan.blogspot.com.

#40: Aimee Mullins. Model, athlete, actress: the woman the artificial cheetah legs were made for. Watch her TED talk about her twelve pairs of legs at ted.com.

#32: Trey Speegle. Artist taking paint-by-numbers to a whole new imaginative zone. Creator of knockout backdrop for Stella Macartney's last show and gorgeous housewares at Anthropologie. treyspeegle.com.

#6: Carol Morgan-Eagle. Singer in Bone Orchard, "the orphan child of Appalachian bluegrass and the Velvet Underground." Check them out at the most beautiful site on the web, boneorchardmusic.com.

#1: Donna Longo. Recently the cover girl of Climbing magazine. See more at climbtaos.com.